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Indíana Rós

A sexologist

Kynfræðsla og ráðgjöf

Indiana Rós graduated in 2020 with an M.Ed. degree in gender studies from Widener University in the United States.

There she graduated with top marks and Konstance McCaffree also received the Community Service Leadership award for her work.

She completed her B.Sc. degree in psychology from the University of Reykjavík in 2016, where her final project dealt with female masturbation. Hún is the acting chairmanGender, Kynfræðifélag Íslands and has been on the board since 2014.

Indiana has been providing sex education since 2016 for various groups around the country. She has tutorials to create for staff and students of community centers. primary school, secondary school and university. Also for parents, professionals and groups of friends of all ages. Then she offers lessons for couples and individuals. She provides advice to schools, municipalities and institutions. 

Indiana has her own podcast, writes columns and regularly does interviews to discuss everything about being a genderqueer. 

Indiana emphasizes that all education takes diversity into account and that everyone feels comfortable during education. The education is always queer-friendly and takes into account all kinds of sex, bodies and relationships.

You can contact us via email to book training, advice or to get more information.

Mynd af Indíönu Rós með fyrirlestur uppi á sviði.
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